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idk i play too many video games


princessprincecharming asked for INIGO in 14 and tharja in 12 (12 was already done so I did 13 instead:’D)

Bro I love inigo I’d slam dunk any palette on inigo thank you thank you thank youuu 4 the rquest

Inigo would wear dumb shades to battle bc he thinks they make him look cool

Lol but tharja’s existence is uncomfortable to deal with omg but here u go hope this is aight

(Full view if you can’t read the text on tharja’s! (it just says ‘hey there…’)


Makoharu height difference (◕‿◕✿)


I was going to get mad at everyone in my art class for wasting expensive paint but then I got distracted by how pretty it was


by jenny gloria zhang


The Mirror of the King by Edoardo Brotto


[X] Diana & Leona


you never know when the desire to draw Luna Lovegood is gonna hit you… but it’s useless to fight it.


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SKT T1 Vayne

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i need to get my life together but first i need to finish all of my anime


Free! x Pokemon (Click the images for larger size).

Story of Makoto and Dratini

When Makoto was young, Dratini saved him from drowning. Makoto smiled and said thank you to him; Dratini fell in love(?) with him and started to follow him. (It’s more like imprinting)  


「皐流 LOG」_「allenkung1」の漫画 [pixiv]


"airbenders are able to warm themselves with only their breathing"

ok so this explains why katara and sokka were bundled up in parkas galore while aang was just walking around in his little jump suit like it was a perfect summer evening. I’m so glad this was cleared up. I literally thought Aang’s optimistic attitude is what kept him warm, heavens.